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Run 2349 – Daisy Duke and Dastardly Save The Hash!

Hares: Daisy Duke and Dastardly

Location: 2539 33 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 7H5


RA:  Hump the Shark
Attendance: 24

Ready for Take Off!

The Beginning

The summer is sometimes a difficult time to get volunteers to set trail. On In had reached out to the group for a hare in the previous week and though he had it sorted. Things changed, and we needed a hare on short notice. Thankfully, Daisy Duke offered to set trail from Richmond Green. Dastardly agreed to help, and we were sorted.

Have not run from Richmond Green SW in the past. Parking lot was busy as it hosts multiple sports from this location. Thankfully, we were able to get parked and work the circle to get this run started.

Sort of looks like a circle could happen here.
Roaring and Rashy

On In got the circle off and running. We had three visitors from California who we were happy to welcome.

The Trail

Once the first marks were discovered, the pack was off to explore the neighbourhoods around Richmond Green.

As the pack wandered around aimlessly, a wave of confusion arose. Part of the pack became renegades and broke off to make their own trail. Eventually, they realized that no marks have been found and rejoined the main pack.

Playgrounds were in abundance. Various playing techniques were employed to make the most of the equipment.

More streets, allies and parks were explored in between playground stops.

Eventually, we made it through the tight streets and alleys in the new neighbourhood where Currie Barracks used to be. Entertaining playground equipment.

After we were all played out, we found the regroup and a suitable location for the mosquitos and ants to share in our celebrations.

Regroup and Down Down’s

Outside down downs were in order. A circle in the park was formed and things started to take shape.

Hump the Shark seems to like this Religious Advisor thing as he once again volunteered himself. Choir was selected with Pull my Woody and Sticky Lips initially.

Eventually, we were all though the ceremonies and declared “on the piss”. Some headed out to the Richmond Pub for continued celebration.

Scribed by Skewbic Hair.

The Trail Summary

The trail ended up to be close to 7 km’s. Good neighbourhoods for hashing and a fine trail was set by Daisy Duke and Dastardly.