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Run 2337 – The Return Engagement of the Booty Blower Run

Hares:  Booty Camp and Snow Blower
Location: Kilkenny Irish Pub – Brentwood NW

3630 Brentwood Rd NW #500, Calgary, AB T2L 1K8


RA: Skewbic Hair
Attendance: 29

Running through the University

The Beginning

We were pleased to see that Booty Camp and Snow Blower volunteered to set this run. They have moved into the neighbourhood and were excited to show off the trails that can be found in this part of town up by the University. Fresh from a recent trip to Australia, they were primed to set an epic trail.

The group gathered inside at the pub to mentally prepare for the run. A good turn out with a couple of new boots, Rachel and Annie courtesy of Just10 Beaver!

PMS declared it was time to go outside and circle up in the cold. A quick change in weather reminded us that winter was not over and it was cold outside. Nevertheless, the group assembled in the parking lot to get the show on the road.

We went through announcements and opening formalities. Welcoming new boots, and acknowledging the milestone: Hardy and Twisty – 1500 runs, Hot Cheeks – 500 runs. Apparently these folks have not figured out how to get a life. The hares were called into the circle to explain the marks they had selected for tonight’s run.

Booty Camp raised her hand and pointed in a general direction for the run start. The pack was off!

The Trail

The pack dispersed to find the true trail. Many check backs were explored until the pack figured out that it went over Crowchild Trail to the University. A great job was done by those who found the trail and announced it to the balance of the pack. No lives were lost.

Playground can be a dangerous place. Pay attention to the hazards that exist when adults behave like children. Thankfully, no injuries were reported.

The walkers provided some pictures to fill out the run experience.

After much fun and frolic, the regroup was discovered, close to the intended location. Plan was to have the regroup on Blow Street. Much planning went into this, however, the plan had to be adjusted when it appears that the Blow Steet sign has been stolen.


The regroup was located by a happy group of runners and walkers. There was much rejoicing as the suitable refreshment was enjoyed prior to making it back to the pub for for down-downs.

Down Down’s

Skewbic Hair was appointed to be the Religious Advisor. The choir was acclaimed to be Dastardly, OPP and Lazy Cummer. There were many crimes, transgressions, awards and acknowledgements delivered.

Here is a collage of some of the down-down’s that were administered.

With all the down down’s complete, it was on the piss!

Scribed by Skewbic Hair

The Trail

We ran some 5’ish km’s. More for those that found the check backs.