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RUN 2326 – Lost in Lakeview SW

Hares:  Dastardly and Skewbic Hair
Location:  Bella Roma Restaurant & Pub, Calgary, AB
RA: Hump the Shark
Attendance: 19

Trailway to somewhere!

The Beginning

As there was a gap in the trail setting calendar, On-In volunteered Skewbic Hair to fix that problem. As Scoobie is about to go away for 5 weeks on vacation, something including the World InterHash in NZ, he capitulated. As such, the plan was to set trail in Cedarbrae with On-In at Swigs Pub. Who knew Swigs was closed on our Hash night for a private function. Plan B.

Bella Roma Restaurant & Pub is the gateway to the warren of interconnecting pathways through Lakeview Village. Trails have been set there before, but no trails are the same. Dastardly volunteered to plan the trail, as he has time. Trail was set conveniently after a significant amount of snow had fallen on the very slippery ice that lurked below. No problem, just wear your spikey shoes.

The weather was good and the hashers assembled in the pub. Assessing the food and drink specials for later consumption. We got settled in as the group began to arrive.

All is good, and we proceed outdoors to circle up, which was lead by our co-hashmatress PMS.

No pictures of the hares going through their extensive and detailed explanation of the marks and the use of “yellow” flagging. As the hare is also the photo guy, not surprising. Marks were big and small, Some on low horizontal surfaces while others were on the tree trunks (hard to find). Playgrounds were in the mix. Alas, the pack was dispersed with the runners charging off into the darkness to find trail.

The Trail

The fresh snow made for some slogging through the pathways. Some homeowners are good with snow removal, while others are not. A combination of fresh and stale marks (from the previous Daisy Duke trail) were sufficient to get the pack on-on.

After an overabundance to playground enthusiasm, the trail continued on through the back alleys of Lakeview. Apparently the legacy Beer Near mark from Daisy Duke was followed. As such, the pack make their own trail as they finished off at the regroup. Several carefully laid marks from the hares were not seen by the pack. So sad….

Regroup discovered, and all was made right.

Regroup action

The Ending

Back to the bar after sufficient regroup refreshments were consumed. The group found a place to sit and order whatever they wanted. Great anticipation for the down-downs soon to follow.

The Down-Downs

Hump the Shark, our RA coordinator, is responsible for coercing unsuspecting hashers to volunteer for the illustrious Religious Advisor (RA) duties at the end of the run. Making up stories, citing offences, and generally providing entertainment for the hashers that live for this.

The lack of a volunteer means Hump the Shark gets to do the RA duties. I think he likes this as he does a great job, and doesn’t seem to whimper too loudly about doing this again.

A choir of Hot Cheeks and Strap On Cramp On were a bad choice, as they steered the song selection off the rails. This could become a reoccurring gig as they progress their singing and dancing careers!

The hares were thanked for setting a fine trail. Many offences were brought up and acknowledged. The hash shit was dispensed with appropriately. All crimes were settled!

Down Downs done, we are now On The Piss!

On the piss!

Scribed by Skewbic Hair! Volunteer scribe for the next 5 weeks. Let’s see how that works out!

The Trail

The trail was about 6 km in length. Extra drama with the snow and ice.