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Run 2342 – It’s the May Long (Snowstorm)

Hare: Just 10 Beaver

Location: 5308 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 6S6


RA:  Hardly
Attendance: 15

Just 10 Beaver Sets and Amazing Trail for the select runners who sacrificed their long weekend to participate!

The Beginning

As typical for the May long weekend, the weather was cold and miserable. Winter running gear and something that doesn’t mind the rain were in order. Putting a run together for the long weekend is always a challenge as folks and travelling and busy. We are thankful for Just 10 Beaver for volunteering to set an epic trail.

The group assembled indoors at the Reagle Beagle on 17 Ave SW. Needed to figure out where to have the down down’s and regroup as they were weather dependent. The group assembled and shared long weekend stories.

Inside it was warm and the patrons were getting ready for some type of hockey game. Something about the Oilers or the Canucks, which was to be decided that evening. As such, there were people there and not necessarily hash friendly for the down downs. As such, decision made….outside down downs in the cold. Outside to get the circle started.

A small but passionate group of 15 souls gathered in the parking lot, getting ready for the big event. Just 10 Beaver was promising some “significant news” or some type. More on that later.

Eventually, PMS stepped up and got the circle started.

Just 10, the hare for the run, went through a long description of how much flagging she had laid on the trail. A harbinger of things to come!

One Thing – Best Trail Ever!

Just 10 pointed to a location where marks might be found and the pack was off!

Snevil noticed the regroup vehicle in the parking lot! A beacon for those on trail to find this vehicle and partake in the wonderment which is available with in.

The Trail

Starting in the neighbourhood, marks were laid out directing the group “over the bridge”, the the wilderness that lurks on the west side of Sarcee Trail. It is amazing how wild the ravine trails can be in an established neighbourhood.

Runners provided evidence of a much better viewing experience than the lazy walkers.


The initial convoluted regroup plan was adjusted to “beer in the parking lot”. As such, the walkers were first to arrive to enjoy the delicious libations, waiting patiently for the runners to appear.

Evidence of the runners finishing.

Down Down’s

Parking lot down downs were in order. Hardly was appointed telepathically by Hump the Shark to do the deed. The pack muddled around. There were a couple of chairs to used as parking lot pylons for the patrons coming and going.

Hardy was in control and dished out the down downs for various and sundry crimes and misgivings. Snevil may or may not have been the choir. A lot was happening and it difficult to keep it straight.

The hare, Just 10 Beaver set an epic trail. She was rewarded with a down down.

The big news that Just 10 wished to share is that we will be calling her Doctor in three years. Great news!

Soon I will be Doctor Just 10 Beaver!

Some of the highlights included the role of Hardly’s Angels. This team ensured that Hardly did not get lost, forgotten, or abducted by aliens.

Apparently Scoobie did something to deserve the hash shit. I believe there was a 330 km three days of cycling in the Rockies on the weekend, and he still made it on time to the hash. Hash Shit for dedication!

A final down down for Hardly for his excellent RA performance.

Down downs done. Time to head inside and cheer on your favourite Canadian hockey team that is still in the play offs. The Oilers defeated that Vancouver team while we were there!

On the piss. Scribed by Skewbic Hair

Trail Summary

A good distance with high quality shiggy and some marks surviving the rain. Great trail!