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Run 2343 – Birthday Special – Breaking in the New Digit

Hare: Camshaft and Mmmmm Lady Fingers

Location: 4616 Vegas Rd NW, Calgary, AB T3A 0M9


RA: Hump the Shark
Attendance: 34

The Beginning

This run has been in the planning stages for years. The important consideration was a birthday marking the beginning of a new decade of an important hasher. Mmmm Lady Fingers has crossed of the chasm of aging, leaving the serenity of the 50’s for the turbulence of the 60’s. She has embraced this challenge with multiple birthday celebration events, culminating with Run 2343, the birthday run.

The run was set from their Varsity mansion, enabling the hash to check our the various pathways and parks in the neighbourhood. An epic trail was planned and executed, drawing a large crowd of 34 hashers, including archives and new boots! Word was out that this was an event not to be missed.

The group circled up in the laneway to receive the instructions to follow to complete the trail.

Introductions, announcements, run marks description now done, the pack was released.

The Trail

The pack was released to find the marks. The trail took them through the pathways and alleys within earshot of Crowchild Trail. A clever false trail using the pedestrian bridges by the light rail transit station created confusion for most of the pack. Parks and frolic galore. Eventually, the trail was solved the the smarter hashers and all was good.

On on!

Playtime was appropriately observed in all parks that were on trail. Scaring some small children in the process!

PMS working on her portfolio

The Regroup

In the absence of any evidence of a regroup, I will insert a proxy photo from a past run.

And then, legitimate regroup pictures appears from the interweb! A large turn out deserves a big picture!

Good size group poses for a regroup shot!

The Down Downs

Hump the Shark was RA and singled out Lofty Prancer and Hardly as choir.

It’s that look…..

Through the line up, apparently the hare was down downed for setting a shitty trail and extending a birthday to a birth week celebration!

New boot and Can You Hear Me Now (CYHMN) for 300 runs.

We have archives in abundance. A good turn out from the old gang. Birthdays do that for some people…..

Beaver Flats, Hot on Trail, Bum Titty, Night Stalker and Can You Hear Me Now (CYHMN)

Apparently Strap On wore new shoes and was able to savour the new shoe taste!

Stork like stretching from Daisy Duke and CYHMN. This is what scares people away from the group.

A naming happened. Just Amy finally did something that warrants a name. The story goes that Just Amy was wearing an “M” word shirt, celebrating the Bacchus Marathon. Bacchus is a wine company.

The literati in the hash came up the “Bacchanal”, a follower of Bacchus. The dictionary supports this with the definition: “an occasion of wild and drunken revelry“.

And there is more….

The nocturnal version of the Bacchanalia involved wine-drinking to excess, drunkenness and the free mingling of the sexes and classes; the rites also involved loud music.

Bacchanal will carry this name forward in the hash universe with pride.

There were other offences too numerous to catalogue. Here is a collage of some of the outcomes.

Eventually, the formal closing ceremonies were done and it was “on the piss”. Let the after party begin….

Apparently the birthday buzz was still strong and the monumental naming kept an amount of momentum for the group. Not sure of the details, but ask those involved if the party ever really ended….

Scribed in absentia by Skewbic Hair, with copious material from Mmmmm Lady Fingers, PMS, Liquor Lots, Hump the Shark and King Shit.

The Trail Summary

A fine trail of 6’ish km’s. Great trails through the neighbourhood with fantastic views.