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RUN 2318 – This Run Will Be Insane!

Hares: Insane Bolt

Location: Moose’s Beanery and Bar Room

779 Northmount Dr NW, Calgary, AB T2L 0A1


RA: Hardly and Twisty

Attendance: 24

Lights to Show You The Way!

The Beginning

Insane Bolt volunteered to set the trail. After some though, the start point of Moose’s Beanery and Bar, on Northmont Road NW as selected as the start location. A good venue with a big room in the back where we can misbehave, and a selection of tasty beer and food. Moose’s is also quite close to the large Christmas light display off 14th Street NW.

Of note is the scribe had a much better offer than go hashing, and had to activity participate in cheering the Calgary Flames to victory from the lower bowl seats. As such, the photos and the stories are from others, with the daunting task to making up a story falling to the scribe.

No idea what happened in the circle, and no pictures were forthcoming. It appears that we had an archive, SuperSoaker appear. Being related to the On-In, we are pleased that he convinced the long lost hasher to come out and run with us.

Of note, apparently it was Roaring Nancy’s 400th run this night. A significant event that is celebrated with the acquisition of the ugliest, heaviest Hash trophy. A delight for the person dispensing with it, and a burden for the recipient, not counting the days before the next 400th run victim comes forward.

Here is an artistic rendition of the circle that would have taken place. Likely lead by either On-In or the returning vacation princess, Princess Monkey Spanker. Welcoming the group, introductions, announcements and awards acknowledgement for the 400th run. Archive SuperSoaker and appointment of Hardly and Twisty as RA for the Christmas themed down-downs. Likely Insane Bolt explained the marks he had chose to use. Roaring Nancy inquired if the run followed the Abu Dhabi convention. And they were off!

The Trail

The hashers were released into the dark to find the marks Here are some photos of what was seen on trail.

I expect that there was a regroup that was enjoyed but not photographed. Here is more evidence that there was indeed a trail.

The Down Downs

I suspect that the group made its way back to the bar, picked a table with their friends and ordered drinks and food prior the the closing ceremonies. Apparently Hardly and Twisty were selected (volunteered) for the RA responsibilities. I see that the dug up some of the RA trappings that have been absent for some time. It would also appear that the Christmas song book made and appearance, and a choir of Hump the Shark, Cock Tail, and Hot Cheeks were pressed into vocal service.

Here are a couple of random pictures of people getting down down’s. Obviously crimes were committed and they must be punished or rewarded. At this level, I suspect the Hare was downed for setting a shitty trail. SuperSoaker was acknowledged and welcomed back to the hash, as he is On-In’s spawn. Most other offences were likely sexual in nature, but low level misdemeanors.

The main event was the acknowledgement of Roaring Nancy’s 400th run. PMS was lost for words with the handover of the best trophy ever to its new recipient. A significant milestone for Roaring, and a new name on the plaque. PMS is so sad to have this out of her house…..

With the down-downs complete, the group was on the piss. Perhaps someone has some gadget evidence of the trail which can be posted here.

On On

Scribed by Skewbic Hair, your absent scribe. No facts were harmed in creating this story.

The Trail

Apparently 5.5 km were run. A fine trail, so they say.