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Run 2339 – Slow Clap for the Wolf Ma’am

Hares:  Slow Clap
Location:  JJ’s Neighbourhood Pub SW

2 Spruce Center Southwest, Calgary, AB T3C 3B7


RA:  Hump the Shark
Attendance: 19

Waiting for the snow to fall

The Beginning

We appreciate that Slow Clap has relocated to the posh neighbourhood of Spruce Cliff, and has chosen to set an epic trail to showcase here new location. The run was laid out to show us the views and vistas of the high location near the Shaganappi Golf Course.

JJ’s Neighbourhood Pub was the starting point in the Spruce Cliff Center (should be spelled Centre, but when this strip mall was built, this spelling of center was OK). It is going through a transformation as the ancient strip mall where it resides is being improved. Hash friendly and a great starting point.

The weather was changing. The arrival of spring is known to bring rain and snow. Weather forecast for the run was wet, but not in a good way. Hashers arrived and found a spot in the pub prior to the circle forming out in the parking lot.

Slow Clap announced that the circle would be forming outside. Like lemmings, we all shuffled out of the pub for the circle.

Enough socializing and chatting, time to get the thing going! PMS completes the circle and Slow Clap explains the marks or the run. Chalk and flagging. Efforts to avoid the homeless encampments in the forest. A bit of urban and forest trails to come!

The pack is released in an easterly direction as the clouds above get darker and wetter.

The Trail

Off to find the trail, but not what we had expected. Rather than lead us to be Douglas Fir Trail, we were taken on an urban tour showing us the high density housing around the golf course and the shopping mall. The pack came through courtesy of a the front runners who found the marks.

Thankfully, a park appeared and the hashers became quite playful. I am concerned that some of these stunts are dangerous and hashers might die.

Sadly, one of our hashers found herself on the wrong side of the fence. Forlornly, unable to join in any hasher playground games.

Post playground, the run gathered momentum. A route through the back alleys provided additional recreational opportunities for Insane Bolt, who felt compelled to test an abandoned exercise bike. He declared ” It works fine!”

More streets and trails were experienced prior to the regroup refreshment stop. See the happy hashers returning from the wilds of the forest in good spirits! A little rain/snow not dampening their spirits.

A stream of runners appears and they can hear the sound of the regroup which awaits them just down the path.


With a cold drizzle, hail, on its way to snow, nothing like a tailgate to hide under with a suitable refreshment.

On In

Back to JJ’s Neighbourhood Pub to dry off, warm up and prepare for the closing ceremonies.

With everything ready to go, Hump the Shark jumped into action, chose a choir of Camshaft and Mmmmmm Lady Fingers, and proceeded to conduct the ceremony.

Down-downs for the hare, a cast of characters who had committed various infractions, crimes and misdemeanors. Much content was created with minimal facts or truth.

After all was said and done, Hump the Shark declared to group to be “on the piss”

Scribed by Skewbic Hair

The Trail

A fine trail in the 6 to 7 km range. Some ran more than others because they found the check backs of got sucked into the wilderness trail.