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Run 2346 – A Booty Blower Run

Hare: Snow Blower and Booty Camp

Location: Tipperary’s Pub Parking Lot, 2002 16 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2M 0M1


RA:  CamShaft
Attendance: 18

Good thing you can not see the temperature!

The Beginning

As the weather in Calgary is variable, it is not unexpected to need your full winter running gear and raincoat for a June run. Just a few short days ago it was shorts weather, but now it was multi layers.

Booty Camp and Snow Blower volunteered to set trail in the NW communities hear the North Hill mall. Expect to have some downhill with complimentary uphill and to potential for a view point now and again!

As fate would have it, the day the Booty Camp and Snow Blower move into the neighbourhood, the local pub, Tipperary’s , closes down. It was a good place to start the run from as they had a covered parking lot suitable to host the circle. Beware of the parking police if you choose to disregard the signs.

Hump the Shark assumed the role of Hash Master and got the circle rolling. We had three visitors from the US. What What Mud in the Butt and Running Girl from Philadelphia, and Spicy Onion Balls from Florida. The hares were called into the circle to tell us about the marks. Apparently, only pink flagging is good. Other flagging and other colours is bad. Some pink flagging might be just a trick.

With the formalities finished, the pack was released to find the marks.

The Trail

We found marks that lead us over the Trans Canada Highway (16 ave NW) to the posh community of Briar Hill. The streets and sidewalks were quite wet and marks for elusive except on some protected vertical surfaces. Thankfully, the hare was present to ensure we did not get too lost.

We stumbled across some great views of the city, giving our visitors something to take pictures of!

Eventually, a playground was found to challenge the climbing skills of some of our more disaster prone hashers.

Hasher testing the slippy factor

With playing complete, the pack continued on to find the rest of the marks on our way to the North Hill Shopping Mall parking lot, then back over the Trans Canada Highway, until the regroup was discovered.


Nothing like a warm garage when it is raining outside. The group was pleased to see all was well and out of the rain.

Down Down’s

Camshaft volunteered to be the Religious Advisor for the evening. He had a list and selected a choir to get the ceremonies off and running! Dastardly and Skewbic Hair were selected as choir.

The hares were acknowledged for setting a shitty trail, and the new boots were welcome to the group!

More accusation and offences were rewarded and the evening continued.

Eventually, when all the beer was drank and a down down to the RA. It was declared to be “on the piss”.

Scribed by Skewbic Hair

Trail Summary

The trail was close to 6 km of running adventure. A fine trail!