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Run 2317 – Never Two Cold for Two House

Hares: Daisy Duke

Location: Two House Brewing Company SW

1901 10 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3C 0K3


RA: Hump the Shark

Attendance: 23

Follow These Marks

The Beginning

The run was set to begin from Two House Brewing Company, in the shadow of the elevated C-Train tracks west of 14 th street.

Temperature was a bit below zero and there was some ice on the pathways. A lots of discussions about cramp-on on not for safety.

The pack assembled outside in the back parking lot of the pub. A reasonable turn out of 23 hashers.

Circle Up!

On -In started the circle, with introductions and announcements. Apparently we need hares to set trail! Sign up and feel good! The Hare was Daisy Duke. Without flagging, he described the trail marks. Apparently, with the back check in play, this trail did not follow the Abu Dhabi convention.

The Run

The trail encompassed the communities of Sunalta, Scarboro and the Bow River pathway. The trail was challenging and amusing, with plenty of check backs to keep the front runners ranging along. The viewpoint under the Crowchild trail bridge was entertaining for those that got sucked in. The extra distance runners were not disappointed.

The Regroup

After much dark pathway by the Bow River, we eventually made our way back to the regroup located under the C-Train and Crowchild Trail bridges. A fine assortment of delicious beverages was on offer. Not sure where the walkers ended up, but the runners enjoyed the available refreshments.

The Down Down’s

The group made its way back to Two House Brewing Company to enjoy the beer and pizza available.

Hump the Shark appointed himself as RA and got the group organized for down downs. A choir was named with Pyro, On-In and Dastardly up for the task.

An abundance of crimes were committed on trail that were rewarded with a down-down.

Daisy Duke set a great trail and was serenaded with his favourite “Shitty Trail” song. Hot Cheeks was the winner of the hash, being a FRB who finished first. There was some suggestion that here trail was somewhat shorter than the true trail.

Apparently Snevil surprised Insane Bolt on trail for some reason. Other crimes of sexual nature were also noted. Lazy Cummer was cited for setting a new fashion trend at the hash. His hob nail boots are apparently the next thing in stylish running footwear.

The sitting hash was honoured with a seated song. A fine display of RA prowess.

Another fine hash comes to an end. On your own to enjoy yourselves. On the piss.

Scribed by Skewbic Hair

Trail – 5 km ish