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Run 2325 – Robbie Burns Run

Hares:  Hump the Shark

Location:  The Berwick Public House SW

356 Cranston Rd SE #1010, Calgary, AB T3M 0S9


RA: On-In

Attendance: 18

The Beginning

A run in the deep south is always something to look forward to. As the city spreads out and consumes farmland, new neighbourhoods spring up on land that was unknow to the GPS.

Cranston is one such neighbourhood. We were happy that the Berwick Public House is there and able to host the run. The weather has been surprisingly warm, which makes for some really good slippery sections as the snow melts onto the sidewalks.

The theme for the run was Robbie Burns. It would have been his 266 birthday on January 25. Celebrating all things Scottish for this legacy poet, As such, there was a toast the Robbie Burns (with McClelland’s Scotch) at the beginning of the circle.

Robert Burns, also known familiarly as Rabbie Burns, was a Scottish poet and lyricist. He is widely regarded as the national poet of Scotland and is celebrated worldwide.

The pack assembled inside the Berwick Public House, waiting for the call to go outside. They had a section put aside for the group which seem to be well suited for our needs.

Eventually, we headed outside to start the run. The group clustered around the streetlight outside the front door of the pub and waited for a signal from On-In to start the circle. Some Scottishness was observed in the circle!

Hump the Shark was brought into the circle to describe the marks he had marked the trail with. A walkers trail was identified! Extra effort to do that.

The pack was released into the wilds of Cranston for find the marks.

The Trail

Multiple check backs started the trail. After much milling about, the pack was finally looking like they found something. The ice and slush mixture on the roads and sidewalks was delightful to run in.

After much running around in a circle, we realized that Cranston is nothing more than a big circle with a couple of pathways behind the houses to try and hide the fact….it is a big circle.

Eventually, the regroup was discovered. Happy hashers with beverages.

Regrouping in style.

The End

We made are way back to the Berwick to get set up for the closing ceremonies. We had the foresight to get a reservation which made it all seem worthwhile.

The group found a place to sit and ordered refreshments and food prior to the Down Down’s start.

On-In was the Religious Advisor. The kick things off, a taste of haggis for the culinary crowd in the group. The question to answer is…”how can this awful collection of meat parts taste so good?” There were some come backs for extra helpings.

With the goodies dispensed with, a choir was appointed. Slow Clap and Hardly were called into action. A series of down-downs transpired with much song and merriment. It is difficult to keep track of all the offences, but there were a few.

Eventually, we were all done. On the piss

Scribed by Skewbic Hair

The Trail

More than 6 km. Even more for the FRB’s.