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Run 2309 – She’s All Right

A Winter Wonderland Experience, courtesy of Snevil and Mother Nature

Hare: Snevil

Location: Local Public Eatery Barclay

201 Barclay Parade SW, T2P 4R5


RA: Hump the Shark

Attendance: 14

The Story

Winter is Here!

A bit of a weather change from the patio weather of the previous week. Enjoying libations outside at the Wild Rose Brewery, to full on winter in a numbers of days. The good news is that Snevil managed to carve out a fine trail for the smaller group of enthusiasts that chose to embrace the weather and run through an epic trail.

The Beginning

The Public Eatery, Barclay was a warm refuge prior to the run. Weather, traffic, motivation meant we had some contemplation time inside prior the facing the elements. Snevil spent some time ensuring that the dump of snow did not obliterate all the marks she had set the day before!

The Start

The group assembled in the cool outside location. PMS commanded the circle to order and we went through the announcements and introductions. Then Snevil took charge and described the fantastic run she had set prior to the arrival of the mark obliterating snow.

The Run

After some confusion at the beginning of the trail, a mark or two were observed by the diligent hashers. With the snow falling and the glare from the headlights, the group were able to find enough marks to engage the trail. Thankfully, PMS had the “secret map” of the plan, as apparently Snevil had injured herself remarking the trail, and was not able to enjoy the torture she had delivered to the pack in person. We ran on the trails by the river, over a bridge, through the wilds of Kensington, and or course, a brutal check back up a long set of stairs. Eventually, we made it back through Princess Island Park and discovered where the regroup was hiding.


After considerable distance had been covered, we were rewarded with a regroup in the stairs of the Eau Claire Market. Dastardly had beer, cider and hot chocolate for the group. A fine regroup it was.

You are Number One!

Down Down’s

To end a great run, Hump the Shark selected a person to perform the RA duties. Hump self selected, a benefit of being the RA coordinator who knows what a fun time is. Various and sundry offences were contrived and much merriment was had by the group. Best snow run of the Fall!

The Trail

Run and down-down’s done. On the Piss!

Your scribe, Skewbic Hair