#1788 – You Light Up My Night Run

Hares : Hardly, Twisted Sister and Snevil
Where: Nose Hill Park – 64 Ave Parking Lot, (64 Ave & 14th St NW)
On-InGame Time Sports Bar, 6219 Centre St. NW
Big Rock: Brilliant Choice!
Attendance: 28

Can Can

See photos from the Run!

Somewhere out there on Nosehill was a throbbing, glowing stick.  Find your way to the beer, follow your stick.  Many hashers are already accomplished at this, and showed off their talents following the glowers that Hardley dropped from behind.

Something seemed strangely sinister as running back from a check back, resulted in discovering trail that previously wasn’t Jack!

Methinks the Hash was had by a conniving live hare!  A hash of this sort has been recently very rare!

Off he went lickety split, me jumping around trying not to freeze off my stick.

Galloping and hiding, and doing in again,  me wondering why I didn’t at least bring gin

With relief we found it was soon over,  we are at peace drinking beer from a poor man’s Range Rover.  (It rhymed – leave me alone).

Religious Advisor Tighty Whitey handed out penalties and such, but I was drinking and can’t remember much.

So to those I left out, who want to wriggle and pout,  write the next scribe you lazy old sout!!

Master Beater