2159 – Spring into Action! How Muddy Is It?

Hares : Skewbic Hair and Dastardly
Where : South Glenmore Park , 3520 90 Ave SW
Attendance : 23 (in multiple groups of fewer than 10)

Dastardly joined forces with Skewbic Hare to set an epic trail in and around Weaselhead (Head? Who said head? I’ll have some of that!)

Newly named Oozy Pizzle Panties was caught doing shady dealings from the back of her van after the run. King Shit even went into debt to re-up his supply. He swears he’s good for it.

Daisy Duke stripped at the end of the run and this hasher does not know who ended up picking up the Onesie of Shame. Stay tuned for an update.


2158 – This Shit Again!

Hares : Slippy Thong and Lying Sack of Shit
Where : Elite Brewery, 1319 Edmonton Trail
Attendance : 26 (in multiple groups of fewer than 10)

As this was Hot Cheeks’ 400th, Auntie Frank had the privilege to pass on the hideous 400th run trophy, at Hash Test Dummy’s great satisfaction. Who’s next?? Abandoned Pussy? Roaring Nancy? Princess Monkey Spanker?


2157 – Don’t Be a Fool – Not April yet!

Hares : Daisy Duke and Dastardly
Where : Sandy Beach, 4500 14a St SW
Religious Advisor : Abandoned Pussy
Attendance : 15-ish

A beautiful trail, masterfully set by Daisy Duke and Dastardly, complete with Turkey/Eagle splits, playgrounds, shiggy and chilly winds.

After trail, both Daisy and Skewbic Hare had wood, and there was much rejoicing.

Newish-bie Renata was named OPP, which stands for Oozy Pizzle Panties.


2112 – North Weaselhead Archeological Trail Stomp

Hares : Lay-em in Snow and Skewbic Hair
Where : North Weaselhead Parking Lot, 37 St SW and 66 Ave SW
Religious Advisor : Hardly
Attendance : 27

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See photos from the Run!

An archeological rampage though some of the oldest settlements in Western Canada. Amazing terrain, artifacts and history. Trail set by a world renowned geologist. Animal visitors may have included: moose, bears, cougars, weasels, beavers, otters, bald eagles, Swaison hawks and others… rabbits perhaps…

Firemen rescued some non-hashers who hurt themselves while frolicking in nature.