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RUN 2319 – Ho Ho Ho! Christmas Day Run

Hares: Snow Blower and Bootie Camp
Location: The BooBlow’s new pad
RA: Hardly
Attendance: 16?

It’s not often that Christmas falls on a Monday. In fact since the start of the Calgary Chapter of the Hash House Harriers, Christmas has fallen on a Monday exactly 6 times: in 1989, 1995, 2000, 2006, 2017 and 2023.

This year, Snow Blower and Bootie Camp were gracious enough to open their doors (AND CLOSE IT!! DON’T LET THE CAT OUT!) to host this true Hashmas miracle of a run. Snow Blower promised that it wasn’t long. I guess he’s a grower, not a shower, because it went on for longer than any of us expected. Still, it was just the right length on this beautiful winter’s day.

What else happened?
* Dastardly brought RG beers as well as an assortment of his own personal collection of Christmas themed booze (think Candy Cane liqueur and the such).
* The archived Davidson family graced us with their presence. With any luck we’ll see them again at next year’s Stampede Hash.
* Liquor Quicker also made an appearance though she hadn’t been gone long enough to warrant her the title of “Archive”.
* PMS and Strap-On looked as cool as ever.
* Hardly stroked pussy (and it liked it).

On On

2305 – Yummy Kippers Run

Hares: Twisted Sister and Hardly
Where: Moose McGuire Pub, Calgary, AB
RA: On In!
Attendance: 27

Every year Twister Sister and Hardly set their own version of a Yom Kippur run. Yummy Kippers is observed for a 2.5-hour period, beginning at 7pm. Goldfish crackers are holy food for this event.

It sometimes coincides with erection night which is the appointment of the new mismanagement for the coming year. This year was such a year and we celebrated the holy day of Yummy Kippers as well as the new mismanagement.

This year saw the cumming of at least one new mismanager: Lazy Cummer will have to cum more regularly to fulfill his hash cash duties. By his own admission, he’s a “fair weather hasher”. Well, hash cash happens in all weathers so, he’d better get ready to face blizzards and all.

Other (re)appointments included:
· Skewbic Hair graciously took on the role of scribbler (thank you!).
· Daisy Duke, King Shit, Dastardly and Booty Camp kept their roles of Haberdasher/Awardinator, Sexetary/Übergeek, BeerMeister and Joint Master, respectively.
· Liquor Lots and Hump the Shark stepped down from Hash Masters and are taking the roles of Beer Wench and RA Coordinator.
· On In and PMS will be your new fearless leaders
· Hash Cash will be handled by: Strap On, Slippy Thong, Lazy Cummer, Hot Cheeks (by PMS ordinance) and… someone else?

Tonight’s trail saw Hung Loose running faster than ever when he saw a young thing running in a bra, ahead of him (until he realised that she was likely younger than his daughter and that it was a little creepy).

We had yet another visitor from Lagos, Nigeria (their Hash is very active indeed!): Toothless Head (Head? Who said head?) joined us for tonight.

Trail was – according to the hares – the Best Trail EVER. It was fun, though the lack of circle jerk was a little bit of a let down.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 383773619_10167938763025384_7373708242803612040_n-1024x768.jpg
Typical Liquor Lots: she lying there with her legs out, while the guy does all the work!

For shits and giggles, I asked ChatGPT to type me a farewell message, as it’s my last scribbing before Skewbic Hair takes over. Here is what it came up with (keeping in mind that I asked for “a SHORT message”… Fucking ChattyGPT):

As I bid adieu to this chapter of my [scribbling] journey, I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude. Thank you for being a part of my world, for taking the time to read my [scribbles], and for your unwavering support [?!].

It’s time for me to pass the torch to [Skewb] who will be taking over [my scribbling duties]. I wish [him] all the best on [his] exciting journey ahead. May [he] continue to inspire, educate, and entertain you just as I have tried to do. [!!]

Remember, the world of [scribbling] is a beautiful tapestry woven with the words, thoughts, and stories of countless [hashers]. I hope you’ll embrace the fresh perspective and insights that [Skewb] brings.

Thank you once again for being a wonderful part of my [scribbling] adventure. Farewell for now, and may your days be filled with inspiration and discovery.

With warmest regards,

(fucking scary, right???)

On On!

2300 – White Dress Run

Hares: Hot Quicky and Slow Clap
Where: Inglewood, Calgary, AB
RA: Hump the Shark
Attendance: 18

The Calgary Hash saved itself for run 2300 (it went straight from 2299 to 2301, in past weeks). This is why it was able to wear white for this special event. Our hares organized a fantastic pub crawl/trail that took us through Inglewood, the Beltline, Stephen Ave, the East Village and back to Inglewood. We had many beer station on route, to keep our fluid levels up. Trail was – after all – nearly 12k long… On trail we saw three separate weddings and even managed to be featured in one of the newlyweds’ official photoshoot.

Trail was expertly set in such a way that runners and walkers came together at the exact same time at nearly every regroup.

We had a solid contingent of noobs, some walkers and some runners. Newbie Nicole proudly announced that the white runners she was sporting were fresh out of the box that morning. Tsk tsk tsk (though the fault is all Hot Quickie’s, as she should have shared Hashing Faux-Pas 101 with her guests.

At least the virgins were all (appropriately) wearing white dresses, which is more than can be said of Dastardly. We’ll forgive him as he made all the jell-O shots and drove the beer station wagon around.

Cock Tale was unanimously voted fairest of them all, with the prettiest dress.

Hump kindly gave PMS his dirty monkey to spank.

If you weren’t there because you had “better things to do”, it was your loss. You missed an epic run. If you weren’t there because you had Covid, we missed you (but don’t worry, your husband was loud for the both of you).

On On!
PMS (This scribe needs a break from scribing. Please come forth and take this on 🙂 )

2304 – Daisy Duke’s Dilatory Delight

Hares: Daisy Duke
Where: Bella Roma Pizza, Calgary, AB
RA: On In
Attendance: 26

Daisy kindly offered to hare tonight’s trail when no one else had stepped up. No details of this trail surfaced until the 11th hour. It turns out it had slipped Daisy’s mind, twice.

The hare did mark his trail on Sunday evening but he ended up having to live hare anyway, as his marked trail got washed away by the last minute downpour.

Trail was lovely. Daisy took us in and out of leafy back alleys. Towards the end, the pack intersected the beginning of the trail and – following the call of beer – completely by-passed the last kilometer.

Archive Rag Head came out of the wood work and brought his whole family with him. Hasher “Not Ready” is clearly “not ready” to hash regularly but he showed up tonight and brought a Sex Convict with him. Sex Convict is – if I remember correctly – visiting from… Lagos, Nigeria?

On On!

Rocky Mountain #121 – Mount & Hump the Shark

Hare: Hump the Shark
Where: Mount Shark Parking Lot, Kananaskis, AB
RA: Tighty Whitey
Attendance: 12

Yes the location was faaaaar but NOT remote, Shark argues. He’ll show us remote!! (Is that a threat?)

The SharkMeister made us travel 2 and a half hours out of Calgary, risk our lives on gravel roads and eat dust for 35 minutes, but the destination was well worth the long journey.

Trail was a floofy cloud of green moss, interspersed with gurgling brooks and stunning lake views.

Some sexual offenses happened on trail.
· Supposedly Slippy and Lying Sack of Shit disappeared behind trees for some “bush play”. This is just hearsay though.
· Maple shared his fluids with Liquor Lots, and there is photographic evidence of her sucking on his thingy.

Post trail, Shark delivered – again! – and served us freshly barbecued burgers with all the trimmings, including not one but two types of home made pickles. Here are two harriettes opening wide for Shark’s meat:

On On!

2303 – 9/11 memorial run

Hares: Tighty Whitey
Where: Ogden Boat Launch SE, Calgary, AB
On-In: Ogden Whistle Pub, Calgary, AB
RA: Professor On In
Attendance: 26

[A moment of silence in the memory of those who lost or gave their lives during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, 22 years ago.]

Tighty Whitey regaled us with a wonderfully challenging trail, full of ups and downs, and long check backs that the asshole set On. His. Bike. He claims that it’s not against the rules, but we would ascertain that it is most definitely a “faux pas”, quite literally. (If you do not speak French, “faux pas” means “wrong step”).

To save both time and chalk, the hare made sure only to get off his bike to mark trail every 500 meters or so.

New year new rules: in a last ditch effort to assert themselves as upper mismanagement, it was decided at the last meeting that between September and April, down downs would be held inside, at a bar.

Rules are rules, so after the run on Monday, despite unseasonably warm temperatures, some of the group went to the local dive bar for down downs.

Erections are coming soon. The position of scribbler is up for grabs! Claim it before someone else does!

On On!

2302 – HHHHike… Rogers Passsout

Hares: King Shit, et Mr Peeeeeenut
Where: A.O. Wheeler Hut, Glacier National Park
RA: King Shit
Attendance: 14 (including muggles/visitors)

No images have surfaced for this special event.

The trail wove through the demolished foundations of a gand old CP hotel and into the woods to a “meeting of the waters” (whatever that means). A live-but-well-rested hare (Mr Peeeeeeenut) waited in a Muskoka chair with liquid treasures for the hashers to enjoy.

Cock Tale has reported another hasher exposing themself (full back, not full frontal).