2286 – Pyro ❤️ Bush

Hares: Pyro (the brain) & Insane Bolt (the legs)
Where: Villa D’Esta (12 Mile Coulee), Calgary, AB
On-In: Last Straw Ale House, Calgary, AB
RA: On-In
Attendance: 22

The announced hare for tonight was Pyro (by his lonesome). Trail was indeed his brain child, but having injured himself (how??), he hired the services of his son-in-law to actually physically set it. “Insane-the-Sado-Masochist-Bolt” probably went the (literal) extra mile and marked longer check backs than mapped out by Pyro.

Thanks to cleverly marked circle jerks her athleticism, Mucky Dip got to FRB on a couple of occasions.

Unfortunately, the assistant to the hare Insane Bolt sent her off trail (down a check back) which led her to finishing DFL again. Normally she does this all on her own!

Trail was beautiful, with many ups and downs, and regroup at the end had many down downs.

Yet another successful trail for the Calgary Hash House Harriers.

On On!