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RUN 2315 – Westward Ho(es) Set Trail

Hares: Liquor Lots(LL) and Oozy Pizzle Panties  (OPP)

Location: Reagle Beagle Neighbourhood Pub on 17th Ave. SW

5308 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 6S6


RA: Skewbic Hair

Attendance: 30

The Beginning

Liquor Lots and OPP collaborated on a fine trail through the wilds of the western neighbourhoods. Strathcona Park, Christie Park are areas we have not been through in a while, so it was great to see some new terrain.

The run started from the Reagle Beagle Pub, 17th Ave. SW near Sarcee Trail. Located in a small strip mall, the pub was well set up to handle an invasion of loud, thirsty and hungry hashers. It was also wing night and they had a beer deal!

The hashers assembled “inside” to scout the place out.

Hashers getting ready to run!

The hash was marshalled out of the pub to circle up. The night was warm for the end of November and the parking lot was well lit. On-In sorted out the circle and went through the announcements and introductions. The hares were called in the describe to trail that they had set and the marks that were used.

Insane Bolt figuring things out
On-In leads the circle

The Trail

The hares had suggested that the marks may be challenging . Some sections are wilderness, in the dark, marked on trees, slippery and perhaps with some coyotes or cougars. Under bridge trolls are a possibility. We started in earnest, looking for the illusive marks. Some confusion prevailed until we figured out that we were heading over Sarcee Trail to the western neighbourhoods.

A couple of viewpoints provided great city vista’s, with the full moon for effect.

Navigating the paved pathways , neighbourhoods, then into the woods! The woods are scary in the dark. Who knows when the next cougar or coyote will find you and do you in. The trolls that live under the bridge are also a concern.


After sufficient trail blazing and chasing marks, we were rewarded with a regroup. A fine selection of refreshments was available for the group to enjoy.

A short walk back to the Reagle Beagle to get sorted for the down-downs. Just enough distance for a travelling beer.


Hump the Shark assigned the Religious Advisor duty to Skewbic Hair. A choir was appointed and the ceremonies commenced. Best choir ever…. Roaring Nancy and Booty Camp took the stage.

Skewbic Hair – RA, supported by Roaring Nancy and Booty Camp as Choir.

Down-Down for the hares. A great trail in the new terrain. They can set more like this anytime!

Happy Hares – LL and OPP

A number of offences and crimes were rewarded by with a down-down. Sometimes the details are illusive, but there was enough beer, cider songs and merriment to go around. On a sad note, one of our Calgary hashers has recently passed away. Hyena was very active with the group and set signature Rocky Mountain style trails in Griffith Woods. Recently relocated to Panama, he was here in the summer to check in. He will be missed.

Here are a couple of photos of some of the events.

With the down-downs complete, we are “on the piss”.

Scribed by : Skewbic Hair


Entertaining romp through Strathcona Park and Christie Park! Some registered 7.16 km.