1806 – Your Balls are Turning Colour

Hare : Blue Balls
WhereStix Sports Bar, #420 5255 Richmond Road SW
Big Rock: by the Schooner
Religious Advisor: Dementia
Attendance: 40

Pink Meat, Twisted Sister enjoy mangos

See photos from the Run!

Blue Balls was fidgeting before the run.  “Have you seen Dastardly?”  No, no one had seen him yet, and Mr. Balls had a legitimate reason to worry – Dastardly and Thunder Tits had the regroup beer.  Perfectly ok not to have a re-group on a run – perfectly BAD to mark the trail BN, BVN, BVVN, and then NOT have beer!

In the end, Blue Balls could air them out some, because the beermeister showed and the regroup would now be, well… a regroup!

Maple slinked up to the circle for the start, and tried to convince the Hash he’s been here all along.  Even going as far as declaring he couldn’t be archived!

It was a record temp for Calgary for this day of the month, a fast and flying trail, and a whole big pack of very thirsty Hash House Harriers hit the regroup, including RIP from Lagos, Nigeria and Hello Titty from Montreal kennels.  Beer was there to slake the thirst of the harriers, and we could continue on to Styx pub for the On-In.  Poor RIP was used to regroups being every block a half he informed us.  Then we realized when its 1000 degrees C, that’s just survival!

Tracey/Shirley/Sheila was named Slow Clap.  And (Jerry?) – aw well it doesn’t friggin matter whatever his street name was, for he is now Manscaper as far as any of us are concerned.

Even with a nice straight forward trail, Skewbic Hare, Shack Shock, and Can you Hear Me Now STILL had to run a lateral trail INSIDE the set trail

King Shit apparently is looking for friends in all the wrong places, as its rumoured that without trusty Silver on trail due to the heat, King bought RIP a big honkin Schooner to buy a friend!  KS was so out of place without his sidekick, he forgot the Hash Shit… AGAIN!

Religious Adviser Dementia generously kicked in down downs to Pink Meat and Master Beater so a vehicle could better be afforded rather than having to cover the long distances they have been doing on weekends

Rubbermade has a new dating technique… she is contacting handymen in the town of Calgary and informing them she has a job for them.  First however, she needs a picture of their hammer.  Unfortunately, I think that line mostly only works in porno movies, and she’s going to have to put in at least half an effort.

The choral ensemble of Roaring Nancy, King Shit, and Lost in Space rarely lost a beat (as long as you consider Lost in Space always has his own beat!)

Dementia declared everyone “on the piss”.  With huge Schooners in our hands, who were we to argue?


Master Beater