2208 – Adiós Muchachos Run ??

Hares: Stool Stuffer (and Rashy Bush)
Where: Bumblebee Park, Calgary, AB
Attendance: 13

Here’s another hare who is really pulling his weight during this pandemic; he sets more than his fair share of trails. The name of the run is a little dramatic. No, no one is leaving for good. Stoolie (and Rashy) just set the final run in January before fucking off to to Mexico to drink the Corona for a few weeks. Let’s hope they don’t rub it in our face with unending Facebook posts of sunshine, sea and margaritas.

Hashers present:
Oozle Pizzle Panties
Lying Sack Of Shit
King Shit
Liquor Lots
Hump the Shark
Slippy Thong
Skewbic Hair
Mucky Dip
Lay ‘em In Snow
Twisted Sister
Stool Stuffer

“Hares lie” – Snevil

The hare said only a small portion of the trail was icy and that runners probably wouldn’t need spikes.

TURNS OUT, the trail was 80% pure ice, and spikes were definitely needed . Liquor Lots and Hardly both went down (not on each other) in different parts of the trail. LL even has the war wounds to show for it.

OPP forgot how to use her headlamp so was made fun of for that. Yet somehow, she managed to offload the hash shit that she had since October!

Scooby’s hash shit went to his beautiful wife. She was punished for excessive fraternization with the walkers (pick a side, Mucky!!).

Scooby was only hash shit-less for 2 minutes as he inherited OPP’s, for reasons unclear, other than the fact that we like to punish Scooby.

The hares not only set trail, but also brought the beer for regroup, which they chilled. A real classy move on their part. They also arranged for an On In at 722 World Bier Haus.