2249 – Hump’er Lots

Hares: Hump the Shark and Liquor Lots
Where: Liquor Lots’s Loft
On In: Born Brewing, Calgary, AB
RA: ??
Attendance: 26

First, before we go any further, let’s settle a debate. You may have noticed some discrepant spellings for our new Hash Mattress between the hareline and the scribblings. To be clear, LL herself says that her name is LIQUOR Lots (not Lick’er Lots). Let us not be too literal, King Shit or Skewbie.

For the first time, our new Hash master and mattress came together for their pleasure and ours. In the spirit of pre-Hallowe’en, they took us through or near a total of four cemeteries.

Tonight’s run was proof that hashing just ain’t for everybody. Our virgin vowed never to come back because she “didn’t like it”. Wow, don’t hold back!!

So if you’re thinking about giving hashing a go, you might want to reconsider if:
– you don’t drink and are only looking to get in “the orange zone” in between your HIIT and P90X sesh’s. (For us, “the orange zone” is the inside of a bag of Cheezies)
– you can’t tolerate profanity and are easily offended
– you can’t handle poor singing and loud people

You should consider hashing if:
– you don’t take yourself too seriously
– you want to get a decent run in (roughly 5-6k). Or not. Whatevz.
– your inner child is screaming to be let out
– you want to meet some cool people and socialize over beers/drinks.

On On!