2205 – Daisy Comes Through!

Hares: Daisy Duke and – who else – Dastardly!
Where: Confederation Park, Calgary, AB
Attendance: 20
RA: Rashy Bush

This week, shockingly, Dastardly (always the bridesmaid, never the bride) was co-hare, *yet again*. It sure looks like he has nothing better to do with himself. What is it, three in a row now? Four? More?

The weather forecast called for a steep drop in temperature right after the 7 o’clock circle up time. And then snow squalls happened, and wind gusts.

Apparently it was too windy for pictures, save for this gem:

Hot Cheeks cruising for cheap hookers. What does a fiver get you these days?

Regardless of weather, Daisy’s trails are always a surprise: some are short (but hard), while others are long (and hard). Some are growers, not showers*.

*throwback to 2012. Picture this: Daisy sets trail. After 5K of running, the pack comes back within spitting distance of the On In (bar). We all think it’s over. Yaaay, beer! But nah. He has us veer left and running for another 6K! Lemme tell ya: it’s been 10 years and I still haven’t forgiven him.

Maybe he’s learned from his sins because this time, he provided the group with a Turkey/Eagle split. Turkey/Eagle splits allow wannabe athletes to go for longer distances while the lazy asses take the shorter route. In this case Daisy Duke basically tour-guided the Turkeys along the Turkey trail, while Dastardly probably FRB’ed the Eagle trail, despite being hare.

Speaking of athletes: Slippy Thong and Lying Sack of Shit came back from their trip to Tanzania, hiking up Mt Kilimanjaro. Poor them. Sounds awful. Lying Sack mentioned how sorry he was to have missed the -38°C run from a few weeks back. Should we believe him? He is – after all – a Lying Sack of Shit.

This week again, walkers and Turkeys huddled up in their cars whilst awaiting the return of the prodigal Eagles.

Bootie Camp celebrated her 269th (where was Snow Blower for this 69 action??)

Business in the Back is BACK. He finally deigned show his face (and his back) after weeeeeeks of absence.

On On!