2204 – Views and Vistas

Hares: Lay’em and Lay’em’s little helper (Dastardly)
Where: Riley Park NW Fire pit, Calgary, AB
Attendance: 17
RA: Hump The Shark

Because Lay’em’s trails always take our breath away (literally and figuratively), we knew to expect views, vistas and vigorous exercise. He even delivered balmy weather (some might even say downright sweltering). This was setting very high expectations for our new boot André. We’d better lower the bar next week or else he’ll think that’s the norm!

Archive OPP, that fair weather hasher, missed the whole cold spell of the past ten weeks. She must have been abducted by aliens because her long absence made her forget all hash rules and protocol* (namely how to circle up, how down downs work and how not to touch someone else’s hash shit). Speaking of, this week’s hash shit exchange was a clusterf*&k of epic proportions. Hot Cheeks – who knows how to work the system – managed to offload hers while still getting free beer. In the end:

  • Daisy Duke inherited the hat shit
  • Skewbic Hair and OPP landed a plunger each.

Skewbic Hair and Daisy Duke both proved inept at handling their wood. Scoob’s wood turned out to be wet and sloppy while Daisy needed a flame thrower and gasoline to get his fired up. Ultimately, Daisy was more successful at getting people’s loins hot.

We had two milestones (a.k.a Get-a-Life Awards) this week:

  • Daisy Duke has made himself cum 250 times.
  • Lay’em had his 750th runs (and apparently went down on trail to celebrate)

On on!

*this had happened on run 2179 too.