2206 – How Hard (and Twisted) Can This Be?

Hares: Hardly and Twisted Sister (and probably Dastardly)
Where: Confederation Park (again), Calgary, AB
Attendance: 15
RA: Rashy Bush

Even though Dastardly wasn’t officially on the hares list, we all know he must have been involved somehow, since he can’t keep his dirty paws off of other people’s trails these days.

Hardly and Twisty (and Dastardly) are always very prepared and plan their trail weeks in advance. Yet, last week’s hares changed their start of trail to this exact same location at the last minute. This must have thrown Hardly and Twisty (and Dastardly) for a loop and made marking their trail that much harder.

Hares set trail on Sunday and warned everyone to bring their strap-ons and that there was a very high possibility of people going down on trail.

Head? who said head? I’ll have some of that!

Hares also suggested that hashers be ready to whip out their wood after trail.

No Milestones tonight but there was one New Boot. Her name is Christa. Let’s see if we scared her off or if we’re lucky enough to see her face back next week.

On On!