2192 – Welcome to the Dark Side

Hares : Tighty Whitey
Where: Woodlands Park, Calgary
Attendance : 27

This was the first run since the end of daylight saving time: “really dark” at the start, the finish, and all the bit in between. In Tighty Whitey’s own words: it was a nice dark run to celebrate that we are alive and able to enjoy the outdoors in the cold and dark!

Tighty Whitey is another one who likes them long and hard. Some claim it was 9k (but Hot Cheeks likes to exaggerate) and others have technological proof that it was in fact 7andabitK (but Liquor Lots may very well have shortcutted. She’s that kind.)

Other grievances include:
? ”There was a lot of straight running. Felt like I was training for a 10km” – Hot Cheeks. Seriously, Tighty Whitey… Who do you think we are? Athletes?
? Tighty Whitey suffered from premature BeerNearing as”Beer Near” was marked 20 mins away from the regroup.
? The hare also didn’t seem to mind endangering the pack and sending them through bear territory. Rumor has it that Strap-On Crampon scared off a grizzly with the threat of a good time.
? On an unrelated note (or is it?), Strap-On Crampon got poked on trail (not the good kind).

On on!