2275 – Where’d My Pussy Go?

(AKA: “AP Sets Trail”)

Hares: Abandoned Pussy
Where: Lighthouse Pub, Calgary, AB
RA: On In
Attendance: 27

AP ❤️ DP (Double Plotting)
This week, AP is double fisting and setting not one, but two trails, on both ends (of the week):
1) the regular Monday trail (front end of the week);
2) the Bad Thursday Full Moon Trail (back end).

AP has a thing for shiggy, and both trails start from or near Fish Creek. Alas tonight, AP had us circling the rim and we never got real deep into the Crick.

I wonder if some of the art on trail inspired the shape of her run?

She claims her small bladder is to blame for the length of the run (nearing 9k) as she had to pee and took the trail in the direction of the nearest public washroom.

We had a couple of noobs this week, John and Brae. They held their own and proved to be real keeners as both of them were FRB’ing at one point or another.

LiQUOR Lots celebrated her 150th and she received her long awaited sharpied red cap that no doubt got thrown in the garbage the second she got home.

On On